• The Future of DePIN on Ethereum

    Democratizing AI Inference

    Experience serverless access to a world of open-source AI models powered by a ZK Layer-2 network

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    Heurist Chain

    A ZK Layer 2 network enabling smart contract execution with ultra-low fees and enhanced privacy.

    AI dAPP Store

    A marketplace where developers earn from model executions, fostering profitable AI development and reducing compute costs.

    dModel Cloud

    A decentralized registry for open-source AI models, promoting innovation among AI creators.

    Heurist SDK

    Heurist SDK provides serverless access to AI models. Designed for easy onboarding, especially for Web2 users, with streamlined integration processes.
  • Miners, Power The AI Revolution

    Join our network of GPU miners and provide computational resources to power decentralized AI

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